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Each year DMC puts on a wide range of concerts and events. These include end of term performances at Christmas and summer, a large scale Showcase Gala (usually just before Easter) for all our ensembles to perform to each other in one concert, chamber concerts for soloists, duets and smaller groups, and other events that we are invited to be part of. All our concerts are carefully planned to ensure the most suitable venues are chosen for the best musical experiences, whilst also taking into account the audience experience, parking, meal times, holidays, mother's day and so many other factors! 

Summer Concerts

Our summer concerts are our two end of the academic year extravaganzas held on the same day at 3pm and 7pm.

Concessionary tickets are available to under 18s and over 65s.  Bursary students can purchase tickets for their families at a 50% discount.  If you are accompanying an audience member to the concert and you are their registered carer, you can receive a free ticket.

Photo Gala 2022_edited.jpg

Details around arrival times and tickets will be shared nearer to each event.

Every concert is an important part of the music making experience for all those participating; any missing players or singers on the day can have a huge impact on the other performers and the pieces being performed.

Please do put all the dates in your calendars and always let us know as soon as you realise you might have a clash

Future Concerts

2023 Rainbows Hospice Concert TBC CDYB/Brass
2023 Snowman - Voices to perform
2023 Christmas Concert (7pm)
2023 Christmas Concert (3pm)
Festive Activity Day
2024 Chamber Concert February
2024 Chamber Concert March
Gala Concert
2024 Summer Concert (7.30pm)
2024 Summer Concert (3.30pm)
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