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Derby Music Centre Spring Term Gala Concert is on Saturday 25th March 2023 at The Reach, Pride Park, at 2:30pm and will feature all the larger ensembles from Derby Music Centre. 

Gala Concert - 2:30 pm

Our gala concert is our most exciting day of the year.  It will showcase all our larger ensembles and give the  opportunity for all students to hear everyone else.  Rehearsals will also be at The Reach in the morning, please check your email for the schedule.  If you're staying for lunch, please could we ask that it is nut free in order to protect our students with serious allergies. You will also need a music stand.  Please name anything you bring as we always have lost property left over after concerts and we like to be able to reunite it with owners.  Thank you and see you there!

Photo Gala 2022_edited.jpg
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