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Derby Music Centre

music, family, inspiration

Derby Music Centre is a really friendly place where music and friendships both flourish. Without it some pupils struggle to find the motivation to continue through the difficult times on their instruments, or while doing GCSE’s and A Levels; with it they blossom and come to love music even more, through the support of playing in groups, creating amazing memories, achieving high quality music and being part of something really special.

Derby Music Centre is a hub partner with the Derbyshire Music Hub


Our Groups

Derby Music Centre welcomes players and singers of all school ages and abilities. A wide range of ensembles (musical groups) give the opportunity for children and young people to make music together whatever their musical ability level.


for pre-grade players who have been learning for a term or more with 5+ notes learned


for players of grade 1-3 inclusive. You do not need to have taken the exams, just be at the correct level


players need to be grade 4-5 ability and have large groups plus smaller chamber groups to join


ensembles for players of grade 6+ ability, regularly taking part in competitions and festivals


News and Events

All the latest news, events and celebrations from Derby Music Centre

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