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About Us

Derby Music Centre is a really friendly place where music and friendships both flourish. Without it some pupils struggle to find the motivation to continue through the difficult times on their instruments, or while doing GCSEs and A Levels. 


At Derby Music Centre they blossom and come to love music even more, through the support of playing in groups, creating amazing memories, achieving high-quality music and being part of something extraordinary.​

New Members

We welcome new members at any time throughout the year – all our players and singers were new members once! We have weekly rehearsals during term time at Saint Benedict School in Derby preparing for a huge variety of concerts, events, national competitions and festivals.

Get in touch to arrange a visit to see what we do, or to join our brilliant music-making team.

Our Team

Our Team

Derby Music Centre is made up of Director of Music, Coordinator, Administrator and Conductors, supported by a dedicated group of trustees and parent helpers.