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Breakfast Concert! 3rd July

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

With the uncertainty of the roadmap and continuing restrictions, we have not planned an official concert. BUT we would love to share what we have been doing this term. So we would like to invite DMC parents to bring a fold-up chair (camping or similar) and make the most of the beautiful field at the Grammar School. Each ensemble will share one or two pieces they have been working on, playing outside on the terrace overlooking the field. Bring coffee and cake (or a croissant if it really is your breakfast) to enjoy! Come and watch the set in which your players will be performing.

Performance times will be in three sets as follows (normal rehearsal start times will still apply)

  • Set ONE: 9.30 Junior Strings A, 9.35 Flute Choir A, 9.40 Clarinet Choir A, 9.45 Intermediate Brass Ensemble, 9.50 Senior Strings

  • Set TWO: 10.45 Junior Wind Band A, 10.50 Flute Choir B, 10.55 Clarinet Choir B, 11am Voices, 11.10 Swing

  • Set THREE: 12pm Junior Wind Band B, 12.05 Wind Quintet, 12.15 Junior Strings B, 12.20 Intermediate strings

  • If it rains, we just do normal rehearsals.



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