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Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership String Play Day / Folk Day

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership are running two events on Sunday 18th September 2022: a String Play Day for grade 5-8 ability players and a Folk Day for any players grade 3 and above. These are one-off style events, and are both free to access. The aim is to play loads of String Ensemble repertoire which, enriching your musical experiences of playing in string ensembles, SIGN UP for the String Repertoire Play Day playing a varied selection of traditional, modern and film chamber music for string orchestra with Veronica Urrego from Sistema Scotland.

The Folk workshops will explore the Folk genre and invite participants to learn, create and discover new ways of playing different styles. SIGN UP for the Derbyshire Youth Folk Ensemble Workshop Day: exciting folk music activities including learning and playing by ear, exploring rhythms and pulse, harmonising, arranging, riffs and part playing.

There is no Derby Music Centre that weekend, as we don't start back until the following Saturday.



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