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As we prepare for our move to Beaufort Primary School we need to share with our members and visitors how to access the site and how the logistics of drop off and collection will work each week. The address is Beaufort Community Primary School, Hampshire Road, Chaddesden, DE21 6BT

Arriving from A61 roundabout and turning onto Hampshire Road, you will see the

'Welcome to Derwent' sign. Immediately after the sign on the left is the driveway turning into the school site.

The school sign will ensure you are in the correct place. We should have our own new Derby Music Centre sign up in the coming weeks.

The electric security gates at the bottom of the drive will always be closed and require the entry button to be used and someone will open the gates.

However, we would like all Derby Music Centre players and singers to arrive through the pedestrian gate, which is slightly further along Hampshire Road (still on the left) where there is a second driveway to St Giles Special School. This driveway has no gate and offers plenty of space to drop off and access the pedestrian entrance to Beaufort, from where children can walk along a secure path to the main front doors. Once children know where they are going, parents can drop off on the roadside (there are no yellow lines. Please do NOT drop off in the driveway - no reversing or turning on the driveway or entryway.

The road view shows where pupils can be dropped on the left hand side next to the driveway. We will have some volunteers on the driveway and pedestrian gate for the first few weeks in hi-viz jackets to support arrivals. Please be patient and bear with us as we work through the transition to the new site and everyone gets into new routines.



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