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Looking to September

Looking forward to September, we are so pleased to welcome Melanie as Coordinator. She will manage the music centre email address and respond to your queries during her two working days of Monday and Friday each week of term time. (Please note the email account will not be monitored over the summer)

We aim to keep the website up-to-date and you may find the answer to your query there without the need for an email; to help us become more efficient do always check the website first.

As the current restrictions have not quite lifted, the new guidance for schools and out of hours activity providers (that’s DMC) has not yet been published. So as things stand, we are not yet sure if we can return to our usual home at Saint Benedict's. They are hopeful to give us an answer as soon as they can. This will then allow me to plan the timetable and work out which ensembles we can safely deliver next term.

As soon as we have the details it will all go on the website and will be shared on our Facebook page.

I do hope you manage to have a restful and enjoyable summer break whatever you may be doing.



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