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Saturday 2 April schedule

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Saturday 2 April DMC rehearsals will take place at The Reach as follows:

  • Orchestra 10-11.30 Vicky: Main Hall

  • Finale rehearsal for everyone in the main hall 11-11.30

  • Youth Wind Band 11.30-12.45 Alan: Main Hall

  • Intermediate Strings + Senior Strings 11.30-12.30 Vicky /Rach: Shaftsbury (upstairs)

  • Junior Strings + String Club 11.45-12.45 John / Bex: Raikes (upstairs)

  • Intermediate Wind Band 11.30-12.30 Peter: Equiano (upstairs)

  • Junior Wind Band and Wind Club 10-11 Alan: Nightingale (upstairs)

  • Voices 11.30-12.15 Katie: Seacole (upstairs)

  • Swing Band – are not going to have a rehearsal slot as their players are involved in other ensembles throughout the morning.

  • The concert is 1.30pm

We cant take all the percussion upstairs and we don’t have enough duplicate sets anyway, but we will make it a best fit scenario.

Players should bring their stands own for the upstairs rehearsals. These rooms will also be your dressing rooms, with all senior players using Elvaston room.

Everyone will need to bring lunch and drinks for the morning, and arrive in concert dress.



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