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Voices & Samba Percussion Invitation

There have been some truly brilliant performances in schools, churches and concert venues across Derby City and beyond over the festive period. If your child has been part of one of these, then they might want to continue with their singing and could take part in a weekly choir at Derby Music Centre.

Voices 10-11am on Saturdays is the Derby Music Centre Choir, led by Jo Harland. They learn a wide variety of songs and perform in different venues throughout the year.

Derby Music Centre would love to welcome new members to join Voices in 2023.

Contact us for more information or come along from Saturday 7th January (term dates) and join in the music making. No previous experience required and you don't need to be able to read music.

Samba Percussion is also available for any children and young people to join and is at 11.15-12 on Saturdays. This group lets you make a lot of noise with drums, shakers and bells and is great fun!

Come and join Derby Music Centre: you can be part of both Voices and Samba every week.

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